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EFB Flail Mower

EFB Flail Mower

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Mulcher for vineyard and orchard.
Suited to mulch grass, bushes, pruning up φ 4 cm.
For tractor from 50 to 120 HP.


- Shredder with adjustable offset, for working on grass, leaves, vine and olive remains. 

- The EFB model is a versatile machine, suitable for mowing grass and above all shredding twigs and pruning residue,        thanks to the robust structure and equipment. 

- The machine can be moved sideways with a mechanical or hydraulic system (optional). 

- Robust structure suitable for professional use. 

- Maximum  application versatility on any type of residue, from open fields to orchards. 

- Rear bonnet can be opened for maintenance - purposes. Standard skids screwed to   the side.    


- Universal three point   hitch with mechanical offset (optional hydraulic) Cat. 1-2    
- Gearbox PTO. 540 r. PM.   With free-wheel
-  Adjustable roller unit
- Adjustable pair of skids
- Electronically balanced rotor
- Hot forging hammers (í 5 cm)
- Front safety chains plus   rubber protection
- Adjustable stretcher
- Outer belt adjustment
- EC safety guards


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