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2016 Italy International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition ready

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From the 2016 Italy agricultural exhibition of Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Italy EIMA") has entered the countdown, let us try to understand the preparation and progress of this year's Italy International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition of the work.
Exhibition Name: Italy forty-second Bologna international agricultural machinery, garden machinery exhibition (EIMA International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Garden Expo)
Exhibition time: 9-13 November 2016 (two years)

Venue: Italy Bologna International Exhibition Center (Bologna Fiere)
Hold the agricultural exhibition organizers of Italy Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association, according to the Italy Association of agricultural circulation sources, this year show the scale of a new high, the total exhibition area of 220 thousand square meters. According to statistics, as of now the company has nearly 2000 exhibitors, the exhibition site, the organizers selected exhibitors is estimated to be about 1800. This year's international exhibition exhibition close to the market trend, categories of more segments, also established a new agricultural subsoiling area, producing mechanization of main crop solutions display area, boutique accessories exhibition, exhibition facilities and agricultural harvest postprocessing series popular exhibition.
This year's exhibition of new science and technology exhibition, sponsored by the Department of agriculture invited to participate, and European agricultural service providers participating, Italy agriculture department and other units responsible for the creation of thematic exhibition. The international exhibition period, the participating units will be jointly held technology exhibition.
In order to further enhance the level of internationalization of the exhibition, this year the organizers will be invited to the international dealer group, researchers from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Ma, Lahiya and other countries. In addition, Africa will be invited to Congo and Guinea embassy officials, cloth dealer group, Uruguay France and Argentina's audience. In the breeze, this year Italy international agricultural machinery exhibition will be from the United States, China, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Ukraine and Albania nearly twenty countries participating, including Ukraine, Albania and other Chinese enterprises as the first exhibition, South Korea, Germany for the first time exhibit, agricultural enterprises in Austria, France, Germany and other agricultural enterprises will also appear in the exhibition enterprise.