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Replace the four affected server IP optimization of

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Changzhou do SEO people know that frequent replacement server IP address optimization ranking on a very large site in Changzhou, Changzhou double happiness network on the following specific to talk about what impact.

    1, ranking fell. When Baidu search engines to find sites replace the IP, the site will be re-indexed. Search engines crawl the tens of millions of web pages daily, if the page response time is too long, the search engine spiders will give up the page. If too many pages were abandoned, one to reduce the amount of the sites included in the search engine, and secondly, the search engine will therefore reduce the weight of the site, these two sites will result in lower rankings.

    2, the snapshot retreated. Since China's space must be filed, the filing cumbersome, the record would take a long time, so a lot of people in order to save time, space purchase of Hong Kong, Hong Kong space business strength is poor, vulnerable to attack, causing the site would not open, so It reduces the Baidu search engine friendliness of the site, thus giving rise to a snapshot retreated.

    3, included reduction. Since Baidu spider crawling and crawled very much, and is updated every minute, in order to more efficiently retrieve the page, to provide users with the latest and highest quality information, the search engine spiders which pages should press on Some grading to crawl! When the server IP replacement, the search engine will judge, first part of the page in the sandbox, some pages will be abandoned, thus significantly reducing the sites included.

    4, weight decreases. After the update server IP, Baidu search engine sites will re-do the audit judgment, then, Baidu will reduce the weight of the site, but this is only temporary, probably a month or so the weight will recover.

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