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Website visual design should follow the user's browsing habits

Posted by:   Time: 2016-04-11 13:53:13 Hit: 223

We all know that the visual perception of things we are generally from top to bottom, left to right, the user browse the site as well. When we Changzhou site design should also follow the user's browsing habits, bad design will let users know what to do, focus everywhere.

    First, the primary or secondary site content

First page design website should have a primary and secondary points, it means how to guide users to browse the site, focus on the main content of the site, product information, corporate image, this is the main content of the site. From a visual point of view, the shape of the size, color, placement will affect the important information or not. The main content and secondary content block not split evenly page.

Second, the use of the site in the box

The general layout of our website, are based on large numbers in the form of a block to the entire page layout, site boxes can be a good path to guide the user's vision, users can block this information to distinguish whether the area they need , which can quickly narrow down detailed or browse to find the next block, block, the stronger the more sense to give users a sense of direction. Box as possible, try to use white space to make a visual distinction.

Third, Web page design alignment and spacing

Visual design the simplest and most easily overlooked is aligned. The method of inspection is to check each box edges, edges between block and block, especially the longitudinal dimension.

The general rules of pitch: less than kerning spacing, paragraph spacing is less than the distance from the segment is less than a block away. The method of checking the background pattern can try the site, remove all the lines, to see whether it can maintain a sense of block you want.

Follow the above points, we can grasp the user's browsing habits site, and is also good for the user experience of the site design off to a good start.